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  • 6/20/18

    First it was sage. Then it was deep teal. And now another verdant hue is set to take over our bed, bath and beyond. Meet Night Watch: a rich, jewel-toned green with soft traces of blue....and the first official color prediction for 2019. 

  • 6/20/18

    Soft shades of pink became so popular in recent years that they spread beyond fashion and popped up in icy drinks, classic cookware from France, and a zillion other things, spawning the term millennial pink—a hue trendy enough to capture the spirit of a generation.

    Millennial pink isn’t just one...

  • 6/19/18

    A troubling string of incidents involving aircraft window failures has caught public attention over the past few weeks, including one where the cockpit windshield of a Sichuan Airlines A319 blew out at 30,000 feet, and the tragic death of a passenger on a Southwest 737 when an engine...

  • 6/19/18

    The 31st annual award program recognizes organizations around the world that exemplify the highest level of operational and strategic excellence in information technology (IT).

    “Innovation is one of the core values at PPG,” said Chris Caruso, PPG vice president, information technology. “We are...

  • 6/19/18

    Blue and red as color choices can have very different connotations.

    As the Business Times transitions from red to blue in its logo and design online and in print, the color experts at PPG explained how the two colors illicit different feelings and subconscious responses.

  • 6/19/18

    Workplace diversity is a priority across all PPG Industries’ business units. Supporting that corporate-wide commitment — a key part of PPG’s core values — the Automotive Refinish division of PPG recently released a video celebrating the company’s diversity in the workplace.

  • 1/24/18

    Courtesy of Guest Blogger Jim Priddy, PPG plant manager, Euclid, Ohio

    When was the company or division founded, by whom and why?

    PPG was founded in 1883 by Capt. John B. Ford and John Pitcairn in Creighton, Pa. Since then, we have maintained our commitment to innovation and quality products and...

  • 1/23/18

    When Henry Ford revolutionized transportation a century ago with the mass-produced Model T, it came in just one color: black. Eager to customize vehicles to buyers’ tastes, automakers have since cranked out cars in almost every hue imaginable. Now the industry is again concentrating on its...

  • 1/23/18

    Jim Cramer spoke to Michael McGarry, the chairman and CEO of PPG Industries, about why his company's products are essentials for self-driving cars.

  • 1/12/18

    PPG announced that the MGM National Harbor Hotel and Casino in Maryland is finished with PPG DURANAR coatings in five colors – Kuala White, Natural Silver and three versions of Platinum Mica. According to Steve Metzger, general manager for Trojan Architectural Coaters in Pompano Beach,...

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