PPG Commits More Than $450,000 to Support Ukrainian Humanitarian Crisis

March 23, 2022

To support the urgent needs and extreme hardships of the developing refugee crisis, PPG on March 1 made an initial donation of $250,000 to humanitarian relief, as well as longer-term recovery support. This included a $50,000 match of employee donations.

Now, with more than 3 million refugees leaving Ukraine for safety, support and shelter, PPG has announced that it will extend the company match to $100,000, provide another $150,000 to nonprofits providing humanitarian support, and also direct additional community giving budgets to help in this time of need. In total, PPG has now committed more than $450,000 in support. In addition, PPG employees have also been providing direct support to those in need, including taking refugee families into their homes.

Since the war in Ukraine began, PPG’s highest priority has been to protect the safety and wellbeing of its employees, including those from Ukraine and those located within Russia. The war in Ukraine has also made it necessary to scale back operations in Russia due to deteriorating business conditions and regulatory restrictions. PPG made immediate decisions to refrain from sales to Russian state-owned entities, parties that fall within the scope of recent regulations and the aerospace market. The company is also not doing any new investments and has taken steps to wind down various other operations in Russia with an exception for the supply of coatings to customers who are providing packaging that contains essential food and beverage products for people in the country. PPG intends to continue to sell a minimum amount of essential products in Russia because it is necessary to generate local currency in order to maintain employment and meet payroll. The company plans to donate net profits, if any, generated by our Russian operations for full calendar year 2022 to nonprofit organizations providing direct humanitarian support.

PPG continues to closely monitor developments in the region and any additional support needs. Local teams will continue to provide direct support to affected PPG families, especially in the European countries near Ukraine, including Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary and Moldova.


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